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Musical Director, Composer, Producer, Arranger and keyboard player born 1971 in Copenhagen DK. Educated at RMC in Copenhagen and Berklee College Of Music in Boston.


Peter is the music man behind some of the biggest successes in Danish music theatre performances during the past ten years under the name Brd. Hellemann which includes his  brother and collaborative through many years, Jens Hellemann.

 Peters music vary from orchestral, rock and jazz to synthesizer based electronica.

Recently Peter has besides the theatrical productions, scored for television and film. 

Several of the theatrical music performances he has been involved in, such as  BEETHOVEN, HOW, COME TOGETHER, AND MOZART UNDONE, has besides Demnark been running in Norway, Sweden, England and Holland and other European countries.

     Starting his career as  a keyboard player  in TV shows and for several popular danish acts in the nineties, Peter hooked up with  theater people from the legendary Dr. Dante theatre company in the beginning of the new millennium. For almost fifteen years, the music-theater has been the primary focus though there has also been time for a few record productions, music for TV  and teaching the principal subject of artistic work process at RMC (Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.)

The Future:

Music for film, music for tv, music for theatre.

Quote:“I spent over 10 years doing theater before anything significant happened moviewise, and that was 100% preparation”  Elliot Goldenthal film composer

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